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Rose Flower Tree LED Lamp

Rose Flower Tree LED Lamp

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Quiet and elegant, with versatile decoration
Special glue for tree lights, insulated and non-conductive
LED energy-saving lamp beads, save electricity and last longer

Material: PE cotton
Size: 6cm
Color: White rose, red rose, white + red rose
Light color: Warm white light
Power supply: Battery + USB
Application: Christmas, wedding, party, family, hotel, KTV, shop window, courtyard.

Package Content:
1 x Table Lamp

CJJJJTJT13241-Set1=CJJJJTJT13241-Black yellow*1+CJJJJTJT13241-Pink black*1+CJJJJTJT13241-Blue black*1

CJJJJTJT13241-Set2=CJJJJTJT13241-Black yellow*1+CJJJJTJT13241-Pink black*1+CJJJJTJT13241-Purple black*1

CJJJJTJT13241-Set3=CJJJJTJT13241-Black yellow*1+CJJJJTJT13241-Blue black*2

CJJJJTJT13241-Set4=CJJJJTJT13241-Black yellow*1+CJJJJTJT13241-Blue black*1+CJJJJTJT13241-Purple black*1

CJJJJTJT13241-Black yellow3PC=CJJJJTJT13241-Black yellow*3

CJJJJTJT13241-2PCBY1Pink black=CJJJJTJT13241-Black yellow*2+CJJJJTJT13241-Pink black*1

CJJJJTJT13241-2PCBY1Blue black=CJJJJTJT13241-Blue white*1+
CJJJJTJT13241-Black yellow*2

CJJJJTJT13241-2PCBY1Purple black=CJJJJTJT13241-Black yellow*2+CJJJJTJT13241-Purple black*1

CJJJJTJT13241-2PCPB1Black yellow=CJJJJTJT13241-Black yellow*1+CJJJJTJT13241-Pink black*2

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